Whale Sharks in Isla Mujeres




Isla Mujeres and her visitors are blessed once a year with the world’s most amazing opportunity to experience Whale Sharks in their natural habitat!

Whale sharks are the largest fish on the planet.

These gentle giants are filter-feeders and are harmless to humans.


(Open mouth beauty photo credit Dzeni H)


They reach lengths of over 40 feet, while feeding on only the tiniest of ocean organisms – plankton! Whale sharks have about 3,000 very tiny teeth but they are of little use.

Whale sharks are filter feeders who sieve their tiny food through their large gills.


I am not sure why I waited as long as I did! This was a bucket-list experience for me and it FAR exceeded my expectations.


During the summer months (June – September) hundreds of Whale Sharks gather just north of Isla Mujeres to take advantage of the plankton rich waters created by the joining of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

I was concerned about seasickness just a bit (which turned out to be a valid concern). We did take dramamine but maybe should have taken a little more. Long story short…5 out of 10 tossed their cookies! The journey is into the open ocean and the boat rocks from side to side especially once it is moored for the whale shark experience. Be prepared.


During the swim you see these huge docile creatures glide past you.

It is unbelievable and will take your breath away! Ready to go?