Venice really needs no introduction.

Build a city of marble palaces on a lagoon and you will have the most unique and surreal city in the world. This floating city consists of a group of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges.

No matter how many photographs, films or paintings you’ve seen the reality is so much more then you can ever imagine. Nothing can really prepare you for the sense of awe you will experience when maneuvering the streets and canals.

From the moment I landed at the airport and stepped on the vaporetto this magical island took my breath away.

Plan on getting lost because you will! It is not the easiest place to navigate but it is stunningly beautiful and you will enjoy every minute of it! Google maps…eh don’t even bother! The street numbers are not categorized in order whatsoever.

Piazza San Marco is where everyone will be and if you are lucky enough to be there on Sunday you must experience mass. The Sunday evening mass was animated by a choir and the music could be heard throughout St. Marks Square.

Some of the most photogenic places in Venice are on the outer islands. The small islands of Burano and Murano are not to be missed. Burano was my favorite! I did not want to leave. It is known for lace and still has actual lace makers. It is originally a old fishing village and so picturesque I wish I had more time to spend there.

Murano we all know is known for glass making. You can still see it done here.


Is it busy? Yes, especially when the cruise ships are in port. Is it worth a visit? Absolutely! And the Gondola? Just do it! You are in Venezia after all!

Wander through the alley ways and take it all in!

Especially at night there are no street vendors, no tourists, no sound – only the occasional splashing of oars in a canal. It truly is like nowhere else.