Rome, the Eternal city.

For being 25 centuries old it still has a modern almost American feel. The fact that you can get WiFi in the shadow of a 2000 year old ruin kinda sums things up. There is so much to see! as you know. I do recommend seeing what you want and moving on to see more of this beautiful country.

On my list I had the the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Basilica (did you know it is the worlds largest church) the Spanish steps, and the Trevi Fountain. Will it be crowded? Oh Yes!

Want to visit Vatican City? Depending on how detailed you want the tour, plan for at least half a day here. Keep in mind they do not offer tours on Sundays. Want to see as much as possible? Plan on spending the day.

Do I recommend advance purchase tickets prior to arriving? You better believe it. The lines can be very long.

Hours long!

Don’t waste precious vacation time in line.

Once we book your must sees, take it slow immerse yourself in the history and take it all in. It is everything and more then you are expecting.

The sheer history and preservation of it all will take your breath away. Put on your walking shoes and enjoy this ancient city.