I went to Mexico.

This is the year that COVID stole travel.

I decided not to let it steal my spirit of adventure, and dedication to sharing our beautiful planet with eager travelers and planning the perfect getaway for you.

Travel is not for everyone right now, and I am not about to talk you into it but I was eager to test the waters and want to share my experience with you.

In the past I never thought twice about drinking from a friends cup, and have always been a believer in the 3 second rule (ewwww I know) but COVID changed all that. I’m not crazy…(maybe a bit) but you better believe I did sanitize my seat, tray and all that on the airplane as well as the door knobs, phone, light switches and faucets in the room.

I figured if I was allowed to shop, take my kids to the ice rink, Disney and Universal, go to the beach, get my nails and hair done and dine out, then why not take the same precautions in Mexico?

My kids are currently enrolled in online school and the mix of work and play worked out well for us.

For those that do want to travel…

what are you waiting for, the crowds to return?

Mexican Resorts were limited to 30% occupancy and held to extremely high cleanliness standards. It’s like your own private vacation. As of Monday they have increased to 60% occupancy and that is where it will stay for the remainder of the year.

I am confident science will find effective ways to navigate the virus, and our lives will resume…the travel industry will evolve. Our need to live is stronger than any virus and as in the past we must overcome.

To see the specifics of my trip read on…

Airport and Transfer

The airport was pretty standard operating procedure with the exception that everyone was wearing masks, social distancing signs were posted and temperature checks were done. We flew American Airlines, while boarding, we were handed a bag with a small water bottle, a snack, and one wipe. Everyone wore masks, as required, the flight attendents did come down the aisle and check. Other than that, the flight was normal.

We exited the airport to meet our transfer driver. He was wearing a mask and it was mandatory for us to also. Our hands and luggage were sanitized prior to entering the vehicle.

Check in

Once we arrived at the resort our luggage was disinfected on arrival.

We were told to walk through the disinfecting rug at the entrance, given sanitizer and our tempertures were taken by a camera (similar to the airport) while walking through the door. We were given a sealed pen (that we kept) to sign the check in documents.

Throughout the resort you notice frequent cleaning of public places especially tables, elevator buttons, stair rails, beach and pool chairs.  Sanitizing gel was available literally everywhere. I think I ended up taking back home 80% of what I brought and I packed alot!

Masks must be worn indoors, they are optional outside.

Nightly shows and excercise classes were not offered and swim up bars were closed. What really caught me off guard was at the restaurants there are no physical menu’s, you had to scan a QR code to see the menu. Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how hard everyone worked to ensure cleanlines.

The workers were absolutelly welcoming and service was great everywhere we went.

Now let’s be Real

You need to mask up anywhere you go these days so don’t expect it to be any different on vacation. Travel as we know it has changed. If you want to go, you must change your expectations as well.

We use sunscreen, sunglasses and hats to protect us from the sun right?

I wasn’t about to let wearing a mask ruin traveling for me.

For those of you that are ready, Mexico is open and welcoming.

Pay extra attention to health and safety, work with a professional (as we can help you navigate the new process)– and pack the right attitude.

I am ready to go again.