I just returned from Holbox, Mexico!

What? Where is that you ask?

a bit of a haul from Cancun but totally worth it as they do call it Mexico’s Best Kept Secret!

(The perfect mix of relaxation, great weather and simple beauty)

Holbox (pronounced hole bosh) is such a wonderful destination!

It is also the most geographically unique place in Mexico but saying that, not the easiest to get to. No cars, no paved roads, but miles, and miles of pristine undeveloped and unspoiled beaches. (for now anyway)

Speaking of how to get there-it’s a 2 hour drive from Cancun airport and a 20 min ferry to the island. There are no cars on the island. All transportation is by golf cart or ATV. There are also no real streets everything is sand roads, some in better condition than others. Some of the golf cart rides can be pretty bumpy so hold on! And if there’s rain…the golf cart taxis do not run.

The island is quite walkable via the beach. From one end to the other is maybe a 2 hour walk maximum. Depending on how many times you stop and look at the beautiful ocean!  No matter where you stay, going to beach clubs and different restaurants is all part of the fun and there are many to choose from!

The cell phone reception and wifi on the island are not great. If you need to stay connected or work while away this may not be for you. Most of the bigger resorts internet will be reliable but it is never guaranteed.

Practice your Spanish! Not everyone will speak English. But when you check into your small boutique hotel and head to the beach you will realize you are one of the few special people to experience this absolutely stunning place! It’s not all inclusive, but food is delicious, fresh and the restaurants are limitless.

Activities-there isn’t too much to do on Holbox, it is a very chill and relaxing island. The beaches are vast and you can walk out for what feels like miles and it will only go up to your knees. There are sand bars in the middle of the ocean which are cool to see and visit.

The most popular tour is the 3 island tour that takes you to a cenote/lagoon, bird island and another spot where you can see flamingos. They also have bioluminescence tours, bike tours, snorkeling tours, cooking classes and horseback riding.

As with all great places-they don’t stay as great for long. This was once a sleepy fishing island and is becoming a tourism hot spot. I don’t think it will happen quickly, simply because it’s harder to get there but it is inevitable.

Should you go? YES!

Rent a golf cart to explore one day. Eat a mango on the beach. Drink ALL the beautiful cocktails. Wear high powered sunscreen and bring bug spray for the sunsets.

So IS Holbox just the adventure you are looking for?…Let’s plan your trip so you get to experience it before it becomes something bigger.