Cinque Terre

I have finally made it to what has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

In a corner of the Italian Riviera between Genoa and Pisa are five villages carved out of mountainous terrain.

It is what fairy tales are made of! It has been on my list of MUST visit since I can remember.

Cinque Terre, also known as five lands is the ultimate in coastal charm and my kind of perfect. Not a vehicle or museum in sight but a mix of Italian culture, the sun and the sea. I cannot forget the feeling of walking through these historic alleyways munching on the best bruschetta I have ever tasted. Seriously! It will take your breath away.

We traveled westward from Livorno and our first stop was the fortress clad village clinging to the mountainside PuertoVenere.One day I would love to spend more time in each of the five impossibly pretty villages.

They are all known to be a little different.

Monterosso has a resort feel with a charming old town and some of the best beaches in the area.

Vernazza is the regions gem, for this reason the most touristy but also the most dramatic.

Corniglia is a quiet hilltop village and the only one set above the water.

Manarola is mellow and hiking focused, waterfront and wrapped with vineyards.

Riomaggiore is more urban and feels more lived in, not as touristy.                             Want to go? GO!

Call me and I will put together the best package so you get to see it all and get the most out of your time.